492 Kathleen St. Sudbury, ON

(705) 674-0853

Monday – Friday 8a.m – 5 p.m.


Pads, rotors, shoes, drums, calipers, caliper service (pins & bushings), master cylinder, boosters, proportioning valves, brake lines, ABS modules, ABS sensors, emergency brakes, E-cables, E-brakes shoes & hardware

Front End:

2&4 wheel alignments, 2&4 wheel drives, ball joints, pitman arms, idler arms, control arms, drag links, radius arm bushings, radius arms, sway bar links, sway bar bushings, control arm & control arm bushings, wheel bearing hubs, c.v. axles, wheel bearings


Power steering pumps, reservoirs, belts, steering column, rack & pinion steering, rack boots, power steering lines, return lines, coolers, steering boxes, inner & outer tie-rod ends, steering dampeners

Drive Train:

Front & rear differential service (gear changes), pinion seals, gears, yokes, quickie sleeves ‘u’joints front & rear shafts, transfer case service & replacement, transmission replacement, axle joints, c.v. joints, axle shafts, axle seals, 4×4 hubs


Plugs, wires, distributors, crank & cam sensors, 0/2 sensors, electronic sensors, service scanning for trouble codes

Fuel System:

Fuel tanks, fuel pumps, filters, fuel lines, injectors, regulators, carburetor rebuilds, mechanical fuel pumps, all types of fuel injector cleaning


Pipes, catalytic convertors, resonators, mufflers, hangers & straps, 0/2 sensors, performance systems, manifolds, broken manifold bolts, headers, gaskets, flanges


Cooler lines, trans lines, scan for diagnostic codes, fluid & filter changes, cables, shifters, linkages, external sensors, torque convertors, fly wheels, ring gears, clutches for standard transmissions, high performance stalls (torque converters), performance only transmission rebuilds.


Struts, coil springs, leaf springs, leaf spring shackles and mounts, upper and lower control arms, control arm bushings, strut mounts, shocks

Cooling System:

Radiators, engine & transmission cooler lines, thermostats, engine coolant flushes, hoses, water pumps, cooling fans, clutch fans, heater cores, blower motors, head gaskets and intake gaskets